About TRM

True Radius Marketing has been providing digital marketing solutions for outdoor power equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers since 2010 with over 2,200 dealer serviced in the US and Canada. We are focused on providing precision marketing for the outdoor power equipment industry and have fine tuned our packages to meet your dealership’s specific needs. All of our base marketing packages offer unparalleled value since the cost is split 50/50 with the manufacturer. For your convenience, we offer automatic monthly billing through your PACE account with NO CO-OP to submit!

We’ve been busy testing Internet Solutions to figure out which Marketing avenues will fit the needs of our dealers to efficiently spend co-op funds and to promote the dealerships and brand awareness. We understand that today’s busy dealership may not have time to manage this detailed form of advertising, so we have put together marketing packages to simplify the time it takes to get the dealer up & running and to maintain a successful campaign.

Digital Marketing Starts with a Highly Visible and Information Rich Website

What might look cool to you and your customers may be invisible to search engine robots. In other words, if Google can’t see you then they can’t send customers your way. Your site must also quickly get customers to the information they need and have the capability to promote your top products and services. We will evaluate your website and determine if it is optimized for search and, if needed, generate a new site for you.

Our Sites Include:

  • Code and Architecture that is highly visible to Search Engines
  • Dealer specific Branding
  • Mapping Technology
  • Automated Product Feeds, Promotional Feeds, and Financing Feeds
  • Used Product Upload Functionality
  • Streaming Video & Local Weather Feeds
  • Dealer Content Management Interface for easy customization
  • Parts Lookup Functionality
  • Custom Local Phone Number for Tracking Performance
  • Email Lead Forms & Social Media Integration

Interested in a Digital Marketing Package for Your Dealership?

Call 1-800-686-3128 Option 2005 to speak with one of our Marketing Specialists!

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