Wright Stander X with Vanguard

Wright WSTX 52" John Deere 652R Exmark Vantage X-Series Benefit
Operator Position Between Rear Wheels Between Rear Wheels Between Rear Wheels No counter weight, no centrifugal force, turns quicker tearing less grass
Length 61" 61" 74" More units on trailer, more manuverable
Engines Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 24hp Kawasaki FX730E 23.5hp Kawasaki FX691E 22hp Vanguard engine has higher horsepower, and more torque. 30% better air flow for better cooling.
Hydro Pumps HG 12cc with cooling fans HG 12cc with cooling fans HG 12cc Faster ground speed, longer life
Hydro Motors Danfoss 15CI Danfoss 15CI Parker 14CI Faster ground speed, longer life
Ground Speed 9.5 fwd/4.5 rev 9.5 fwd/4.5 rev 8 fwd/4 rev More Productivity
Operator - Ground Height 6.5" 6.5" 9" Lower center of gravity, better on hills, faster turns
Controls & Linkage Quad levers/Solid Rod Dual lever with forward and reverse Single lever w/ dual stops; OPC integrated in handle, control rods Quad levers allow better stability when moving from forward to backward operation.

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Wright Stander X Features

The Stander X comes with one of the most advanced cutting decks available today, the revolutionary Wright AERO CORE™ deck. Every inch of the deck is designed to deliver unparalleled cut quality, turn-on-a-dime maneuverability and the reliability you expect from Wright. The AERO CORE™ deck includes:

Wright provides a 2-year Limited Warranty on mowers, which covers parts and labor.