The Ferris brand was born with a built-to-last commitment which continues today along with a history of impressive innovations. From the industry’s first ever hydro-static drive walk-behind lawn mower to the industry’s first patented suspension system for the riding lawn mower, Ferris continues to innovate.

While Ferris Commercial Mowers are comparable to other zero-turn brands such as Exmark, Toro, Gravely, and Hustler; Ferris is the first and only commercial mower brand to offer suspension on its mower via a patented suspension system. Ferris remains on the cutting edge by blending technology with innovative mowing designs. The stakes are raised with built-to-last construction. Our entire fleet is designed to withstand the rigors of all-day, all-week commercial duty. Whether you manage a fleet and a crew of lawn professionals or you’re a discriminating homeowner with expansive acreage, a Ferris mower reminds you why you love it every time you start it up.