Over 20 years ago, Ferris set the bar as the first and only manufacturer to integrate suspension into the mowing experience. We revolutionized the commercial cutting landscape and continue to raise the bar with industry-leading suspension.

Our racing-inspired automotive-style suspension and integrated cutting decks are engineered to cut faster, better, and longer. Our suspension is not just a feature or a marketing gimmick, it is the game changer that simply has to be experienced. Others have tried, but there’s a difference you can feel only on a Ferris. True suspension changes everything.

Proven independent suspension technology utilizes independent control arms and coil-over shocks that follow a slight arc through the full range of travel. They dampen the vibration of rough terrain – allowing mowing at higher rates of speed.

Available on IS® 6200 and IS® 2600

A pivoting front axle combined with coil-over shocks allows the front wheels to adjust to uneven terrain. This smooths out the rough surface and improves traction.

Available on 500S, IS® 700 and IS® 600

Ferris suspension systems isolate the cutting deck from the mower chassis. This keeps the blades at the desired cut height. While the suspension system is being the cutting deck’s motion is linked to the movement of the wheels, activated, providing a cut that directly follows the terrain.

We use a coil-over type shock – similar to a car – that is comprised of two major components: a spring and a damper. The spring manages the up and down movement while the damper controls how fast the spring can move up or down. The progressive spring is adjustable and starts off soft, then stiffens when compressed, as the bumps increase in size. This feature delivers a smoother ride at faster speeds allowing you to do more.

Working in concert with the shocks are the caster wheel arms. When these arms pivot either independently or with a pivoting axle, the wheels follow the terrain better than unsuspended mowers. This ensures maximum traction by keeping all four wheels in better contact with the ground.

Our integrated suspension systems are engineered with carefully selected components that work together to provide you with a smooth ride on uneven turf. The cutting deck of the mower works in conjunction with the suspension system to provide a consistent quality of cut. These systems minimize shock to the chassis, and you, resulting in superior comfort, stability, traction and increased mowing efficiency.

Our exclusive iCD™ Cutting System offers next-level performance in a variety of conditions. We built in an extra wide opening to disperse clippings quickly and evenly. Our sloped nose design allows you to cut at higher speeds without sacrificing quality of cut. Your name rides on results – that’s why we give you a cut that’s second to none.

You have enough going on each day. That’s why we created a technology designed to keep you going. Our first-of-its-kind Oil Guard System from Vanguard extends maintenance intervals up to 500%. That means you spend less on oil and can cut up to 500 hours before ever needing an oil change. Get more time on the job, more money in your pocket and more mileage from your mower.

Ferris equipment with EFI & ETC engines from Vanguard® are the ultimate in lawn care power. Both technologies make for an improved starting, performance and maintenance experience. Read below to see how these engines are a big win for your bottom line.


Automotive technology inspires our industry-leading forefront suspension, we suspect others examine office chairs. Beginning with independent suspension, each side of the mower absorbs bumps and holes in the yard without scalping.


Four steel control rods help keep the caster wheel in an ideal vertical position – virtually eliminating caster wheel chatter. The result is a smooth ride and straight lines – even at maverick speeds.


Steel arms help prevent the belt from dislodging from the serviceable cast-iron backside idler with dust shield.

Deep grooves in the pulley provide for smoother engagement that’s less likely for a belt to dislodge or roll from the pulley.

Engineered for superior resistance to stretching and premature wear with a profile that transmits more power than classical V-belt profiles.

Every component works together to achieve superior cut quality at high speeds. Select models offer a 2-belt deck, engineered to extend belt life and reduce downtime.


Extended oil change intervals means more time cutting

60% savings per season, per unit*.

Easy fill cap and integrated oil filter make tool-free oil changes easier, cleaner and faster.

Keeps the oil and engine cooler.

Ensures off-angle lubrication and minimizes thermal breakdown of oil.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

When talking about commercial grade equipment a top priority is ensuring reliability of the equipment. Technologies like EFI ensure more consistent starting in all temperatures, and reduced fuel consumption. That assurance of reliable power means less down time and more grass being cut.

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)

Vanguard ETC technology reacts instantaneously to any applied load from its environment to maintain smooth, consistent power in any condition.