Wright and Pace will be hosting dealer training at Wright Manufacturing. The training will be required to become a certified Wright Autonomous Dealer. The training will be one day and have a classroom and field session.

The goal of the class is to give every dealer the knowledge and tools to be successful with Wright autonomous mowers and minimize the stress and frustration that comes with new technology.

  • The start time is 8:00 AM and end time is 5:30 PM on August 18th.
  • Dealers are required to be present for the entire training.
  • Hotel and food will be covered.
  • Please sent your flight information to Jason Fox. Email: jasonf@pacelink.com

The classroom session will cover:

  • Basics on the machine and how it is operated
  • Differences from a regular ZK
  • Software components and how they operate with machine
  • Mapping software and how to use it efficiently
  • What areas and applications are best suited for autonomous mowing?
  • Who is the customer and how do we successfully identify them?

Field Session (Hands On)

  • General operation of the machine
  • How to map a perimeter
  • Obstacle detection and how that is successfully demonstrated
  • Detailed field training guide for end-user training
  • We will also work as a group to push the machine to its limits, so the group understands what the true capabilities are today.

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