PACE FUEL is the drive behind why PACE is the leader in outdoor power equipment distribution. Creative programs, aggressive terms, helpful
customer service, dealer training and support, cutting edge marketing programs, and ease of doing business are all examples of ways we FUEL OUR DEALERS to be as successful as possible.

When your business is successful, and only then, will  PACE, experience success.

Customer Service

We are in business to simply make the supply chain work better and we are the glue that holds that process together. It starts and ends with our people, through continual investment in our HR department and process we strive to build the best team possible. We will serve our vendors, team members, dealers and end users with integrity, accuracy and respect.

Sales Programming

We offer quality products and creative programs with the objective to lower costs and increase margins for our dealers. Our vast local market sales team is designed to provide on-the-ground market intelligence, demo and product training support.

Technology Logistics

Time is money, so we continually invest in programs and technology that streamline the logistical portion of our business. The less time a dealer spends on logistics, the more time they can spend with customers.

Marketing Expertise

We connect the dots between corporate marketing efforts and local dealers through fine-tuned marketing packages. No two markets are the same so we tailor our turn-key programs to specifically fit each dealer’s needs.