The 29R Series stands out from the crowd with the greatest possible snow moving flexibility and capacity for a plow mounted to your truck. No more machine limitations!

3/4 ton trucks are the choice for plow contractors and the typical application for this plow that demand heavy-duty truck performance. That’s why Sno-Way built the ultimate snow moving machine specifically for:

  • Ford F250
  • Chevy Silverado 2500
  • Dodge 2500
  • Ram 2500
  • GMC Sierra 2500

The “R” in the model identifier refers to the Revolution series of plows. These plows are designed with patented hydraulic end wings that can be controlled together or independently to move the snow where you want it at any time. Each wing can move from a straight out position into a 90-degree orientation to the main blade – effectively creating a box plow.

This patented dual-hinge plow design provides you the ability to move up to 4.8 cubic yards of snow. Which is double the closest competitor’s V plow or expandable plow! Engaging the Patented Down Pressure® Hydraulics System provides increased snow moving capacity by 30% for the ultimate snow clearing machine.

The 29R uses the 29HD series commercial plow platform and has all the desirable characteristics of an extreme-duty plow:

  • High-strength steel moldboard
  • Fast and responsive hydraulics
  • Optimized blade geometry for exceptional snow-rolling performance

The 29R is 8’10” wide and 29 inches tall plow is designed to work seamlessly with the Pro-Control II – wired or wireless – It provides three Macro controls allowing the skilled operator a memory function that he can set for any repeated operation – talk about efficiency!

Back-dragging, scraping, scooping, windrowing, capturing, moving, pushing, cleaning, and ultimate efficiency are what you get with the 29R Series plow from Sno-Way. No other plow on the planet has this capability and provides this ultimate control for your plow truck.