Built on Your Terms

SnowEx entered the snow and ice industry not as manufacturers, but as as small snow removal company – just like you. Through experience, SnowEx identified problems with the spreaders on the market. Since the manufacturers at the time didn’t seem to understand the need for a better product, SnowEx began designing their own solution. And the rest is history! Experience SnowEx innovation for yourself. Request a free demo, and we’ll show you that less is more.


Redefine what your half-ton truck can do. The SnowEx® RDV™ V-plows have the features and benefits of the larger plows but are specifically designed for half-ton trucks.

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When snow and ice are in the forecast, you’ll be ready for the action. We bring you power, speed, and precision with the UTV Mid-Duty Straight Blade Plows. Yet easy to operate with powerful hydraulics that control blade movements.

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Scrape Maxx™ down-force is an exclusive, standard feature that gives SnowEx truck plows the ability to apply downward force to bust through hard pack and maximize to-the-pavement scraping performance.

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Request a SnowEx Demo

PACE, Inc. distributes SnowEx products to the states listed, and can only provide a Demo in those states:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia.

Light Truck

The SnowEx® line of Light-Duty snow plows provides all the features of our professional grade plows in a package designed specifically for Jeep® vehicles, SUVs and compact pick-ups.


For personal plowing or light-duty commercial snow plowing jobs using half-ton pick-ups, the SnowEx® 7600RD and 8000RD are engineered to meet vehicle weight ratings and deliver excellent performance.


For commercial contractors outfitting larger vehicles, only a heavy-duty snowplow will do and the aptly named SnowEx® Heavy-Duty Series fits the bill.

RDV® V-Plow

The SnowEx® RDV™ V-plows have the features and benefits of the larger plows but are specifically designed for half-ton trucks. They are constructed of high-strength, low-alloy steel, making them stronger and lighter than conventional steel.

HDV™ V-Plow

The HDV heavy-duty V-plows are built like nothing else on the market. Available in either durable powder-coated mild steel or rust-resistant stainless steel – and with either 8’6″ or 9’6″ blade widths – the plows boast 16-gauge flared moldboards that are reinforced by two robust angled power ribs.


Move more snow with a snow plow that thinks for itself – the SPEEDWING 8600 from SnowEx®. Intuitive mechanical wings automatically adjust from scoop mode to windrow position as you angle the plow.

Power Plow™

The SnowEx® adjustable-wing POWER PLOW offers the versatility to expand plow width by expanding the wings outward or increase capacity by angling the wings forward, independently or together, to match any plowing condition.

Mid-Duty UTV Straight Blade

We bring you power, speed, and precision with the NEW UTV Mid-Duty Straight Blade Plows. Packages available in either full hydraulic lift and angle or winch lift manual angle versions.

Heavy-Duty UTV Straight Blade

Give your utility vehicle professional-grade plowing performance by adding the SnowEx® Heavy-Duty Straight Blade. The plow’s heavy-duty, yet lightweight design allows it to handle snowbound sidewalks, or paved walkways.

Heavy-Duty UTV V-Plow

Turn your utility vehicle into a sidewalk snow-removal specialist with the UTV V-Plow from SnowEx®. Lightweight, yet heavy duty, the plow is designed to angle down to 5’ wide, whether in straight, scoop or V modes, making it ideal for standard sidewalks.

Skid-Steer Plows

Get more out of your skid-steer with a SnowEx® Heavy-Duty straight blade snow plow or a versatile SPEEDWING™ snow plow with automatically adjusting mechanical wings.

POWER PUSHER™ With TRACE™ Edge Technology

With TRACE™ edge technology, the all-new POWER PUSHER™ plows move massive amounts of snow—scraping down to the pavement—so you can save the time and money of dropping salt. The POWER PUSHER is available in 8′ and 10′ widths.


Available with 8′ or 10′ box widths, the SnowEx® POWER PUSHER TE steel trip-edge pushers are designed to attack all types of surfaces and provide cleanly scraped, “down to black” pavement.

Tractor Mount Kit

These kits allow for direct attachment of SnowEx v-plows, winged plows and heavy-duty straight blades to tractors for improved plowing efficiency. Designed for easy installation onto a wide range of tractor models with incredibly quick and easy plow hook-up from one side of the tractor.

Tailgate Pro

Every snow fighter is different. That’s why SnowEx® tailgate spreaders are available in several models. Each unit is purpose built to address a specific type of need.

Precision Pro

If your sidewalks aren’t consistent in width, consider the SP-1675 salt spreader. Unlike anything else out there, it has a highly precise spread pattern ranging from 4 to 12 feet wide. Now you can adjust on the fly to anything sidewalks throw your way.

Bulk Pro™

Bulk up with the SP-1575 and SP-1875. These tailgate salt spreaders can handle pretty much any type of material, including bulk salt, sand and salt/sand mix.

Drop Pro™

The SD-600 and SD-1400 are the ultimate sidewalk salt spreaders. With their unique polyethylene hopper designs and consistent material delivery systems, these units drop material exactly where you want it.


Don’t let their size fool you. The SP-100, SP-125, SP-225 and SP-325 tailgate spreaders offer big performance for smaller application needs.

Tow Pro™

The SnowEx® SP-7000 towable spreader frees up your vehicle to take on other tasks, such as carrying spreading materials, snow blowers or other equipment.


Designed specifically for brine applications, these truck-mounted sprayers are quiet, easy to maintain and ideal for most off-road applications.

Liqui Maxx™

With a wide range of tank sizes available, the Liqui Maxx™ spray system is fit for use on many types of vehicles — large or small.

Brine Pro™ 2000

Now, just about anyone can make brine. That’s because the Brine Pro™ 2000 brine maker simplifies production with user-friendly operation, automatic salinity control and easy no-splash salt refilling.

Ground Drive

The SnowEx® SP-1225G is a ground-drive spreader designed for sidewalks, parking lots and other off-road specialty applications.

Broadcast Spreader

For tight applications like sidewalks and driveways, SnowEx® offers the SP-65, SP-85 and SP-85SS walk-behind broadcast spreaders.

Drop Spreader

Offering 160-pound capacities, each unit spreads in a 28-inch-wide path, making them ideal for applying bagged rock salt or pelletized material to sidewalks, driveways and other tight applications.

Walk-Behind Sprayers

SnowEx® push sprayers are completely electric-powered with the ability to spray brine through the spot spraying wand or front boomless nozzle.