WrightVac™ Powered Bagger

The Ultimate Bagger for the Ultimate Mower.

The WrightVac system is designed to meet the demanding needs you face everyday as a professional landscaper. Our goal was to create a bagger system to match the performance of the mower. This means the WrightVac was engineered to produce enough airflow to prevent clogging even when mowing at max speed of 13mph; which makes it ideal for both the ZX series and the ZK. In addition, the WrightVac shares the same heavy-duty low low-maintenance elements as the ZXT resulting in a truly commercial-grade powered bagger.

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The kit includes:

  • Blower, 3 Bin Bagger, Front Hitch-Receiver and Weight Kit
  • Deck compatible Belt kit to be purchased separately
  • WrightVac’s purchased same date or later than ZXT, will share mower warranty
  • Holds up to 12 bushels of grass

WrightVac™ System shares Mower Warranty. 2 Year Unlimited or 5 Year 500 Hours.

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